Lloyd Banks is an American rapper who is a member of the group G-Unit. The group released their debut album in 2003, which is when Lloyd Banks was first introduced to the public. It was during this time when he began to release mixtapes to give himself a name apart from the group. Lloyd Banks mixtapes set him up for a solo career that cemented his place in the rap world.

G-Unit was formed when Banks teamed up with two of his childhood friends, Tony Yayo and 50 Cent, to create a rap group. After 50 Cent heard fellow rapper Young Buck they took him into the group too. The group was not signed to a record deal right away because some of the members of G-Unit had other projects to pursue.

50 Cent signed a contract with Aftermath Records and hit the road with the Nas Promo Tour. Tony Yayo joined him because he was an older and more experienced rapper at the time. While Lloyd waited for them to return home, he worked on his music and started rapping around the neighborhood. This increased his street credibility and soon he began recording mixtapes with local producers.

It was not long after his mixtapes were released to the public that his popularity grew. These tapes allowed his voice and hip hop beats to be heard by a larger group of people outside of the neighborhood. When 50 Cent and Tony Yayo returned from touring, G-Unit created their own record label and released their debut album in 2003.

The credibility and popularity that Lloyd Banks received on the mixtape scene helped G-Unit’s album reach double platinum status. He went on to release a solo album in 2004, which was a commercial success. The hip hop artist would not be where he is today without the Lloyd Banks mixtapes that planted the seeds for his career.

Source by Ari Allon