When a musician is trying to make an impact on the entertainment world, it is necessary that the not only have great songs, but excellent music videos. Music videos put a face with the sound and help tell the story in a way that nothing else can. There are artists who are known for the mark they have made on the art of music videos and created some of the best that the industry has ever seen.

When Fatboy Slim set out to make a video for their song Weapon Of Choice, they had a variety of comedic actors from which to choose. Instead, they chose Christopher Walken, who is best known for his dramatic work, not his amazing dance moves. The video earned the band an amazing six Video Music Awards and grew a whole new fan base for Christopher Walken.

It is impossible to talk about the art of the music video without discussing Money For Nothing by Dire Straits. This video was among the very first to incorporate computer animation and it did an amazing job of telling the story. Although the animation is outdated by today’s standards, it remains a favorite among viewers who originally watched it and those who are just now discovering how great it is.

If there is one music video that set the bar for all music videos to come, it was the epic Thriller by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. This video was a staggering fourteen minutes long and cost about half a million dollars to make. Both the special effects and the dancing were revolutionary and this mini-movie remains the standard against which all new videos are judged.

Every band that makes a video sets out to make the best that the industry has ever seen, but they have quite a legacy to live up to. From videos that included the dance moves if Academy Award Winners to those that made history with their effects, these videos have made music history. They not only featured amazing songs, but also told great stories.

Source by John Blowers