By popular demand, ladies and gentleman we are pleased to present Soulja Boy!

We here at Young Hollywood pride ourselves on finding hot new talent to bring to the masses; we also want to know who’s on the minds of those who hit our pages. With your emails, searches and other inquiries, web geeks like me can figure some of our most popularly featured artists.

When our crew met up with Soulja Boy, Michelle Marie learned the “Bird Walk” from this YouTube sensation and the hits went through the roof.

Natch, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to profile one of the brightest young stars in the hip hop scene today!

Born in 1990 and hailing from Atlanta, he became notorious with The Soulja Boy dance, teaching millions all over the world and oddly attracting the rage of Ice T, who put down the young rapper. When he hit back, he did so with a cheeky sense of humor that put his critics to rest. If you can handle public criticism with a wink and a smile, you’ve got this thing on lock down.

Beyond his cool exterior, Soulja Boy is a member of the independent artist movement online. He’s not a studio creation or overly hyped act that takes no part in their own music. “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” was initially self-published on the Internet and reached number one on Billboard’s Hot 100. It stayed there for seven non-consecutive weeks starting in September of 2007, when he was just 16. “Kiss me Thru the Phone” and “Turn My Swag On” solidified his success and made him an international star.

Word has it he’s working on a new album for 2009, keeping the beats coming and continuing to make him What’s Hot in music!

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Source by Wes Ferguson