Who would have thought downloadable ringtones could bring in about $7 billion in revenue last year? Well, don’t be surprised. According to industry experts, mobile ring tones aren’t only a hot trend in the United States, but abroad as well. Music has certainly come a long way and it isn’t uncommon for fans of all genres to download tunes to their cell phones. But, ringtones don’t only rake in billions of dollars simply for music. See if you were aware of all the services available right on your cell phone!

More Than Just Music:

o Many downloadable ringtone services offer wallpapers and screensavers for all kinds of cell phones.

o SMS messages can be jazzed up with images and video.

o Many services allow cell-phone holders to get sports scores and updates.

o Some allow you to download your own audio files into their services to export into your phone!

o Some cell phone ring tone services like FlyCell allow users to obtain trivia, news, movie times and more through their phones.

Fun downloadable ringtone facts:

o Approximately 66% of those downloading the best mobile ringtones are under the age of 34.

o Over 60% of those who download a ringtone tend to download 2-3 at a time.

o Ringtones, games and music are the top three downloads internationally.

o The most popular ringtones tend to be Top-40 hits, television and movie themed-music.

o The average price of a mobile ring tone is around $2.99 per song. Of course, price varies by service.

o About 10 % of industry revenue stems from ringtone sales.

Whether you’re a hip-hop and r&b fan or you enjoy classic rock hits, there is a mobile ring tone provider that fits you perfectly. 6StarReviews.com reported in their cell phone ring tone reviews that one provider, DadaMobile, even charges monthly subscription rates, making it that much easier to download all your favorite music.

DadaMobile also offers free, limited SMS messaging when users sign-up and provide ringtones compatible with 10 cell phone service providers. We know everyone in your phonebook doesn’t like the same music, so why not customize their ringtone to fit their personality? Individualized ringtones not only spruce up your cell, but keep you from having to check who’s calling whenever the phone rings.

Source by Kelly Liyakasa