The key idea of life and existence is to achieve and grow, right? So, the thing to do, I understand is to make plans and work on them constantly and always like a ship with a good rudder, ideal helm people running the ship and if you have a great motor and lots of fuel, all the better. For what you set as a map for your life if followed in the right ways is ultimately what you get.

If you really want something as a goal to achieve, all obstacles, large or small are nothing but silly busy work. They should not stop the relentless advancing if you really want something, though.

Sure, in some ways, I am saying that winning is everything that a goal is, and losing is nothing but the temporary obstacles on the way to the winning if understood in the right ways. When losing is understood in the wrong ways, losing is permanent quitting. Indeed, we must never quit even when loss happens, we must just change approaches, and if we do lose, we begin again more intelligently, not quit permanently.

Also, I write this article to encourage genuine and permanent winning, whatever it costs. It is a winning that is worth it when you genuinely make it to where you want to go permanently.

Tonight, I was watching the singer Susan Boyle sing the song “Wild Horses” on the computer streaming service “You Tube” and thinking seriously about the subject matter of this article with the understanding of genuine success being applied with consistency, not exactly “one mountain top to be reached, and that is it”. The most sober and realistic thought anyone can have in life is this: To be a consistent great and winning in anything, understanding why you are doing it is more important than the actual deed done for the sole reason that awareness of yourself is more important than just “looking good doing it”. Think about that one and you will understand that I am right about that. To spell out my meaning by that is this reality: We must fully understand the in, out, over and under of why we are doing it before we do anything, especially win with full understanding, skill and mastery. That concept is more important than the actual action or how it gets done. Without that why reason, we purely, genuinely lose.

Source by Joshua Clayton