If you want to make rap beats then there is a good chance you are interested in online beat making. Making beats online can be fun but there is a lot that goes into it that most people overlook.

Rap music is based on a beat or rhythm that has a repeating bass drum, snare, and hi-hat.In order to make the beat fuller layers of sounds like keyboards are added on top of the main beat. Yeah the top producers utilize expensive beat making programs, but thanks to the internet you don’t need any pricey studio equipment to get started.

The first thing you must do is visit a free online beat making site like Loop Labs. Once you’re there just click The Music Studio tab and then click the tab that says Make Music Now. You should see an icon on the top right corner that says Login with MySpaceID. If you wish to export and save your music you will need a MySpace account.

Once you’re logged in you can pick a sample genre and an instrument. For example, you can choose a certain drum pattern to preview. Now click on the plus sign icon to add the channel. If you want to lengthen and shorten the sound you can drag it inside the mixer. Now click on the play icon to preview what your beat sounds like.

You can adjust the volume and pan levels by clicking and dragging the mixer knob on the left of the channel. If you want to change the tempo simply click and move the mouse up or down. If you want to add other instruments just go to the sound library and pick bass, string, or whatever else you want to go over the drum beat.

When it’s time to save your track simply click the save button. Put in a name for the track and click Save again. That’s all there is to it. So if you’re not involved with online beat making what are you waiting for. You don’t need expensive equipment to make great rap beats.

Source by Jason Harold