Drum and Bass has enjoyed a high level of popularity in the United Kingdom as well as in other parts of the world since the 1990s. For the uninitiated, this sub-genre of dance music integrates elements of Hip Hop, Dub and Techno that is often characterized by the heavy use of drums and bass as the name implies. BBC’s Pendulum Essential Mix is one of the best compilations of the genre and this comes as no surprise. Pendulum Essential Mix is one of the products of BBC’s popular Essential Mix radio show. Essential Mix has played a vital part in the history and development of dance music and many fans consider it as one of the institutions of the genre.

As the name implies, the Pendulum Essential Mix features music from the Australian Drum and Bass rock band Pendulum. The band was founded back in the year 2002 in Perth, Australia. The band’s founders include Paul Harding, Gareth McGrillen and Rob Swire. Both McGillen and Swire were part of a popular rock band named Xygen while Harding was one of the best DJs in the country at that time. Since then, the band has produced popular hits like “Toxic Shock,” “Voyager,” “Back to you,” and “Vault.” Since their first release, the band has come a long way and some of their best tracks are included in this mix.

While this mix contains many of the band’s popular tracks, it also contains a lot of Drum and Bass hits as well as tracks from other genres that the members of the band often listen to. The release includes tracks from other artists like Skepta, Silent Witness and Break, Shockone, Billy the Kilt & Dani L Mebius, Foals, Heist, Evol Intent, Rusko feat. Amber Coffman, Cyantific, Logistics, Klute, Black Sun Empire & Dkay, Ulterior Motive & Jubei, Chase and Statuse feat. Dizee Rascal, N.W.A, Crushington, Dr P, Gella, Flux Pavillion, Ben Verse and many others. Some of these artists have inspired Pendulum in one way or another and many of them influenced that band’s development.

For people who are fans of Drum and Bass, getting the Pendulum Essential Mix is a no-brainer. This most recent mix from Pendulum is one of the best collections of dance music ever released and no dance music record collection is complete without this seminal collection. Both fans of the band as well as people who have never heard of them will definitely enjoy the tracks featured in this mix.

Source by Peco Manuzi