Filipinos are passionate music lovers, by heart and in nature. Their inspiring works of art are apparent expressions of their utmost desires and loving interest to enrich the local music industry. Thus, the Original Pilipino Music (OPM) embodies this ardent passion of Pinoy artists for music.

OPM songs tell us the simple and complicated realities of life. The sundry of songs personify every aspect of a typical Filipino living – from romantic sentiments, inspirations, and struggles, to life experiences and present situation of the society. All these and more are the certain reasons that keep the Filipino tune in harmony. With their undying aspirations, we positively benefit from new styles and tunes of today’s music.

Homegrown talents in the music scene are continuously devoting themselves to create valuable pieces of songs, carved from their very own experiences and keen understanding on various life scenarios, creating powerful means to express their personal stance. There are a lot of good quality OPM songs, which are truly inspiring and moving. This sets a more meaningful music standard that taps the emotional disposition of Filipinos.

Indeed, Philippine music is a unique blend of various music genres which reflects our culture. It showcases the best in every type of music – pop, rock, classic, ballad, R&B, jazz and novelty songs. The local music library has a rich heritage of pure arts and talents that truly achieve international acclaims and brings home great honor and recognition for the country. Furthermore, the full respect of Filipino music artists, especially the young generation, is really evident as they constantly revive the significant sounds of the past through their various renditions of aged songs blended with their modern musical twists. Through these valuable efforts, the thing in the past remains active in contemporary music.

OPM songs will remain steadfast in bringing the best music for the Filipinos. As long as there are brilliant music artists and compassionate listeners, the local music industry will continue to grow and prosper. Listening to OPM songs is a worthwhile experience, because it’s the true embodiment of the Filipino spirit where you can emotionally involve yourself with.

Let us support Philippine Music, keep OPM songs on top of your playlist.

Source by Edu Eusebio