Hip hop dance evolved from the culture associated with rap music. Numerous styles associated with rock dancing include popping, locking, and breaking. Latino and African Americans originated many of these moves in the 1970s. Hip hop is often improvisational. Because of the rising popularity, many regional and international dance competitions developed are introduced worldwide.

Dance studios began to respond to the desire to learn this new style of dance. They elected to hire trained dancers and offered rap lessons. Many studios around the globe currently instruct hip hop. In fact, there is the International Rock Dance Center located in Oslo, Norway and DREAM Dance Studio in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Many individuals enjoy going to classes because factors such as gender and age do not matter, anyone can learn how to be a rock dancer. Moreover, it is not referred to only men or women of a certain age.

Many individuals take hip hop dancing classes as a fun, alternative exercise form. Many gym instructors are now incorporating hip hop moves into training routines, especially abs workouts. This is because many movements associated with isolate an individual’s abs, so it becomes a great workout for those looking to sculpt their abs.

With the advent of the internet, many dance classes can be done right through the internet. Some are free, and some provide multimedia lessons, including video instruction, when an individual pays either a flat or a monthly fee. If there are no rapping schools available in the area, individuals interested in learning the various techniques and skills associated with hip hop dancing can take online classes.

Source by Hasnain Shah