Nicki Minaj has captivated the world with her astounding music video of her newest single, Massive Attack. It has created a wide buzz in the world of rap and the whole music industry. But what really made Massive Attack a real attack?

Let us start with the music video itself. The clip was directed by Hype Williams, showing Minaj in her best fashion style on the desert. This has become just the video that will leave the audience practically gawking at their TV screens. Minaj, with her really sexy outfit that gives the audience a generous view of her backside was with Amber Rose and some other girls in an astounding pink outfit that surely don’t seem like it belongs in the desert. If Minaj was already hot herself, it was made hotter by a pink Lamborghini being tailed by a helicopter. From the desert, the scene suddenly shifted to a jungle and this time there are two men showing their talent in flexing. And Minaj? Well, what do you expect? She ignited the jungle with her green hair and fabulous sexy outfit. She is indeed one hot rapper that is making her the envy of many aspiring female rappers today.

Massive Attack is a song with a full- on assault of quelling synths and marching bass, with Minaj spitting harder and much swifter than before. Many say that it’s a real stomper, a monster that all hip hop and pop fans would surely adore. It was something that can change your views about a desert and jungle because that’s how Minaj works. She can practically make something simple into one stunning thing.

This song is actually the very first official single of Minaj’s debut album. After years of being in the rap industry, Minaj is finally going to be heard on her own song with her as the featured artist. Massive Attack is now lined up for an official label release. Over the years, she was just a featured artist, though it wasn’t that bad considering that the stars she worked with were really big names in the industry. She has been part of Mariah Carey’s music video of Up Out My Face which also became a real YouTube hit.

With guns, troops, a desert and a jungle all in one video, Massive Attack has surely attacked the world. It has definitely changed the face of a typical rap music video. If before we see these rappers in their baggy shirts and pants, the leading lady of rap, none other than Nicki Minaj, has turned everything into a next level. Minaj has shown that a rapper can also be sexy and at the same time tough. Everything was full force and it has shown the tough girl side of Minaj, causing many male audiences to salute this girl. However, many people still hope that they will also see and hear the softer Minaj. Let us wait for this to happen and surely, we will just be more surprised with this one-of-a-kind female.

Source by Donnell Lowery