How could this be? I’ve been turned off by hip hop lately because of all the “kill yo momma” talk and these idiotic dance songs. I can’t superman. I makes me exhausted! Actually, I couldn’t even stomach the song long enough to listen. What I miss is a good artist that says exactly what they mean and you don’t have to chase around metaphors to find out what heck they’re trying to say. Maybe I am just old school. I don’t know. But I have discovered an artist on MySpace and I think he is the next major recording artist with record sales out of this world.

He calls himself King D.A.D, but also goes by Jer-Z Fresh. I don’t quite understand why he has two names, but I didn’t care after listening to his songs on MySpace. The first song I heard was called “Welcome.” This is the song that plays first when you open the page. The way it was constructed, the song was telling me welcome to the website and filling me in on the artist. It did have a few vulgarities in it, but the overall feel and wordiness of the song captured me. Something about how he matches words and syllables with great beats.

The second song “Sex With A Rapper” had a fantastic chorus, but upset me at first because the use of the word “bitch.” Also, he seemed to be taunting the women in the first verse by saying her nickname and mentioning her friend. If his bio is truthful, he is really talking about a relationship that he was in. Now the reason why I wasn’t upset in the end is because… Actually, I’m not going to tell you because there is a major twist on the last verse and I ended up feeling bad for him. I can relate to both of those relationships and what he says is actually how I felt in those instances.

At King D.A.D’s skill level, I am really surprised that this lyricist isn’t signed to a major label yet. Why? I am putting both of my thumbs up in approval! I’m not sure if he’s on tour, but I hope he goes all the way!

Source by Tyson Branchford