Production and promotion of a music video may be the tool you need to get your bands’ name out there and rocket your careers. Before making a video, there are many things to think about and consider. A simple idea done properly is usually better than a complex plan that is done poorly.

Choose the song for the video

The video does not need to sink you financially. Have an idea of what you want it to say and set a budget. Making a video of an upcoming single may be a good idea, but consider how soon you want the song to come out. Videos can take a long time to get right so you may not want to wait that long for the song to come out.

Assemble a team and video equipment

Regardless of how simple or complex you intend to make your video, you will need a team of people to make it work. Among those people, you will need actors or other performers, a camera person, lighting person, a director to oversee the shoot and keep things running smoothly. Ideally, you can find a team that will come complete with all their own video and sound equipment, but if not, try renting the gear instead of having to lay out top dollar for new equipment.

Plan the shoot

Plan out how you want the video to look. Using tools like making storyboards showing how each scene should look according to your ideas is a great asset to everyone involved. The more organized you are the easier the video will come together and the more likely you will get help shooting additional videos in the future. Hold a few rehearsals for cast and crew before doing the actual filming. This will give everyone a chance to work out kinks in their own part of the process.

Lights, Camera, Action…

The filming process can be a long one; for every few hours of filming you may only get 10 seconds of usable footage. This is normal so don’t get discouraged. Keep a written log of the shots taken so it can make the editing process quicker and easier. Try to keep your actors and performers happy by providing refreshments the day of the filming and to have the stage or set already set up with lighting and such.

Capturing live footage

Some great video footage comes from the band playing live so have someone tape the band when they are playing a gig. Keep in mind that there may be other problems that arise such as unpredictable reactions in the audience etc.

Using stock footage

You may have some great ideas to use footage from other videos or televis9ns shows and movies, but remember they are subject to copyright laws so permission will be needed. If you intend to use such footage be sure to research who the footage belongs to and apply for permission before using it. There are also sources out there of “royalty-free” footage that you can access and use as you wish.

Edit your footage

There may be some great footage to work with but a video is only a great video if the editing is done to perfection. It is a job that takes time, and tons of patience. Having a great software package can make or break the results. You will need to consider the mood you wish to provoke in your viewers and the angle you wish to have the song portrayed. This job is best done by one person after getting input from the band. After the editing is complete, all of those involved can get together and critique the results and decide if changes need to be made.

Have fun making the video and try not to get stressed out if things do not seem to be going right at all times. Mistakes happen and as long as you learn from them, it will guarantee that the next music video effort will be that much better.

Source by Amy Nutt