In order to make the most of any locking tutorials you learn across the first step is to go through the tutorial thoroughly and learn to do the move. Doesn’t take an Einstein to work that out!

After having done this, the next thing you need to do is really work the move thoroughly so that you can do it easily. This is the step that most people miss out when learning locking.

You really don’t want to be in the situation where you are doing the move, and have to think for ages about how to do the move. That is unless you lock the move while you’re thinking because then you’re still locking, in fact locking came about in similar means!

When you learn a move thoroughly you become a lot more comfortable doing it. Once you can go from one part of the movement to another and can do it easily, start repeating it several times in a row.

If it is an exhaustive move take breaks after several eights of repetition before beginning again, if not then you can go on for as long as minutes. For example when doing hand claps or simple locks you can repeat the moves for longer because they’re pretty easy to do.

After you’re comfortable with the moves themselves, you need to get comfortable with linking them up with other moves. If you don’t do this, then when you begin to lock it will look like you are doing a drill if you do the same move again and again for five minutes!

Start working it together with other moves that you know and try to figure out how you would get out of one move and start the next. Then you start dancing rather than doing single moves.

After you can put moves together it’s important to start using your own ideas as well. Style the moves how you wish and even add steps as you’re dancing. Remember the moves are just a place to start, go on from there and start trying out different things!

Source by Kevin Shwe