1. “A-GUN” the words “a-gun” are tattooed on the palm of Lil Wayne, you know like “I have “a gun” in the palm of my hand” super lame idea for a tattoo and a bad place to get one. The palm is notorious for poor healing and needing to be touched up often.

2. “Stars” Lil Weezy has covered a three to four inch portion of the left side of his face with stars. He once had a tear drop tattooed under his eye it was covered with a small tribal tattoo, now there are about nine or ten stars surrounding the tribal piece.

3. “Confederate flag” He has a Confederate battle flag tattooed across his stomach and going onto his rib cage, above the large flaming “Cash Money” logo. One can only wonder what he was thinking getting such a controversial symbol tattooed so boldly on his body.

4. “ESPN Logo” Lil Wayne has the ESPN logo tattooed on his left arm above his elbow. It is in bold black lettering identical to the actual logo itself and is about four inches long. Lil Wayne Has several logo tattoos including a prominent Rolls Royce tattoo.

5. “Smiley face” Weezy has a smiley face tattooed on his inner lip. The inner lip is a terrible place to get tattooed, the tissue is very soft making it hard for the artist to apply the ink in an acceptable way. Even done by a professional tattoo artist in the best of circumstances a lip tattoo will always lead to problems for the owner.

Source by Bobby Alexander