It’s a zany world, ‘pop up’ restaurants, shops, bars, cafes, comedy venues, you name it are popping up all over the world’s major cities. This type of temporary retail outlet is ideal for the seasonal juice bar, but what do you need to set one up juicing equipment wise?

Maximum Flexibility and Reliability

Here are a few suggestions from us, hopefully these make sense and help out. One of the things the discerning juice customer is now looking for is a cold pressed juice, this basically rules out using a centrifugal juicer to make the juices. The problem here is the gaping black hole in the availability of small commercial cold press juicers. So, to offer cold pressed juices we recommend using one or more heavy duty domestic vertical slow juicers, this will give you small, portable juicers that can cope with hard use, are quiet, efficient and high yielding. We would recommend looking at these juicers:

The KT2200 vertical slow juicer

The Greenis F-9010 vertical slow juicer

and the Omega VERT slow juicers

The idea here is to spread the workload over multiple juicers to allow them to cool down between juicing sessions and to keep the machine lifespans as long as possible while also giving your juice bar some extra reliability if there is a problem with one of the juicers. Multiple juicers will also allow a good production rate when business is brisk. Sticking to the same make and model will give interchangeable spares. The juicers above consume about 250 watts each and are an inductive load, so this opens out possibilities for solar powered juice bars. A good solar array on the roof combine with a deep cycle battery bank and inverter can give you all the power you need.

A good blender is also required, a decent blender will blend in soft fruits and fleshy produce and serve as a mixing tool to blend in ice and easily cool drinks before serving. Blenders can be highly strung pieces of equipment, they run at high speeds and can get bashed about a fair bit in normal use, so try and get a good quality blender or smoothie maker such as a BarTec Professional Blender we recommend the 435 or the 329cc. Make sure your power supply can handle these loads though!

The Theatre of Live Juice Making

Machines running, noise, action and produce flying around the place makes for a great show and we totally recommend that this is part of your pop up juice bar or cafe, however to survive you’ll need to capitalise on busy periods so making each juice to order may slow things down too much. You can maximise profit potential by pre – making juices ready to mix in your cold press juices or even filling juice bottles and capping them off filled with ready-made juice cocktails.

All or Nothing

Customers won’t arrive in a steady stream, it will be groups and quiet spells so be prepared for the nature of things, previously we have filled a kiddies camping bath tub with water and ice as an inviting ‘cold store’ for ready-made juices.

Wheat Grass, Shots, Juice Boosters and Protein Powders

Another inviting way to boost trade is by offering a selection of juice boosters such as wheat grass shots (either on their own like tequila or blended into the juices and smoothies) or super food powders. BE CAREFUL here as these things have potent flavours that aren’t to everyone’s taste and we would strongly advise getting a separate wheat grass juicer like a Matstone 6 in 1 juicer, this will allow you to produce unlimited wheat grass shots without the potent green mega juice contaminating everything else. Freshly juiced wheat grass is a great aroma; it will draw customers into you.

Full Commercial Machines

When you get busy you may want to make the switch to a full commercial or industrial juicers but be prepared, these machines are large, heavy and time consuming to clean. They are, however virtually indestructible and when volumes go up, they are the beasts you need. We recommend juicers by Robot Coupe, Santos and Nutrifaster.

OK GOOD LUCK to anyone starting a new business you have our respect and support! Let us know how we can help!

Source by Mark Snare