If you have dome any research on what is needed to make your own rap beats you probably realized that it can get pretty expensive. This article will show how you can make your own rap beats without spending a ton of money. It is very well known that trying to become a legit beat maker requires time an money. The question is, is there a way that one can get the tools needed to make high quality beats without having to take out a bank loan? The answer to this question is, yes.

Let me first off say that there is nothing wrong with spending big money on some really nice beat making equipment. I know many beat makers that make their own rap beats with some of the most expensive gear out, and the results are well worth it. Some producers are paying $3,000 – $4,000 for keyboards and even some cases a lot more. Many beat makers are buying samplers for up to $3,000. Getting these types of tools are great for those that can afford them, but what about those up and coming beat producers that may have the same talent as those with all the expensive gear, just not the finances?

There is a solution. Many producers looking to save on the cost of making professional rap beats have decided to use a very effective alternative to all of the expensive keyboards and samplers. They decided to use music making software. Music making software has literally changed the whole dynamic of the beat making game. Over the past few years there have been several computer software companies that have created some of the most innovative and widely used music making software. In most cases this software will allow you to create the same type of high quality rap beats that you would be able to create with any keyboard or sampler. Many hip-hop producers have switched completely from using hardware to software because of the ease and versatility of music software.

To even make the experience of using the software more like the hardware, you can buy several different styles of midi controllers, which allows you to be able to still have that keyboard or sampler feel to your beat making process. Now the real beauty of using software to make your own rap beats is the fact that you can get some really good music making software and a midi controller for under $400, not bad, huh?

Source by Brian E Taylor