If you enjoy music and want to start learning more about producing then there has never been a better time to do this. Just think about how many times you listen to or see music on the TV and radio!

Now we have the Internet as a medium for music producers as well!

This article will tell you how you can get started making hip hop beats online without having to break the bank. Apart from learning how to make beats and music which is very rewarding it can teach you more about how technology and computers work as well!

So What Do You Need To Make your Rap Or Hip Hop Beats?

You don’t need that much to get started with this just some good music production software and your computer; some good speakers are optional but recommended.

Years ago if you wanted to make your own beats you would need a fully functional recording studio that could cost you a few thousand dollars! God bless technology!

You first option is desktop beat making software and if you have done a search prior to arriving here you might have seen a few of the software products. You have Reason, Cubase, and CoolEditPro to name a few.

These programs allow you to do pretty much anything you want to while producing your music, and the sound quality that you get is amazing.

The only downside with these programs is that you will need to know a lot about the technical side of music production or you may have a tough time getting them to produce anything of quality.

When you are starting out as well it can be a little bit mind blowing to see all the features and options, and besides the price tag for these software packages is quite high.

Of course that said if you know what you are doing they are well worth the money!

Most people starting out however are looking for a way to produce beats without having to get a diploma in music theory right?

Well you can do a search about online and you can find a lot of flash games that will allow you to have a go at producing your own music.

Normally they just load you up some sound samples and then you point and click with your mouse to place the sounds.

Very fun but the downside with these is that normally you cannot save your beats!

What Is The Best Way To Get Started?

Well if you are looking for a way to get started fast then you should check out programs like Sonic Producer that is similar to the big desktop editing software mentioned above, although it is aimed more at the newbie.

So imagine a powerhouse like Cubase and then take out all the bells and whistles and you would be left with Sonic Producer.

A lot of beginners like it because of the speed with which you can get your first rap or hip hop tune out there on the web.

Of course later on when you have learnt a bit about how it all works you can get more technical and it has a series of videos that go into depth about how to make complex rap and hip hop music.

The best thing I liked about this site however was the community; you can share your music with otter members and also ask for tips and coaching as well.

If you are looking to get started making your own music online then this is certainly worth a look.

I hope this article has told you how you can get started making your own hip hop tracks as fast as possible!

Good Luck!

Source by Terry Waite