Making a song is easy is it not? Well, whoever said yes, is wrong. People think making a song is all about writing lyrics, taking a beat and then singing. Yes, writing a song and singing it is easy but how about the beat? Do you know how hard that could be? You need to find the proper beat to go along with your song, your lyrics and the emotions of the song. If your beat does not go along with these 3 elements, your song will be a disaster. So, to make a hip hop beat, you need 3 things. These 3 things are a program, patience and creativity. Let’s get to it.

First, you need beat software (program) which allows you to create and make beats. There are many beat software, you just got find the best and cheapest. There are many programs which cost a lot but do the same thing as a normal one which is cheaper.

Second, you need patience. If you pick any violin or drum notes (…), your beat will not be as good if you take time for it. When you take more time in making a beat, more ideas will come and you will find better music notes then the ones you found before. You have to find the right instrument notes that will make your beat have a flow.

Finally, you need creativity. You need to think about the emotions of your song. If you are a making a sad song, you will have to use soft piano or violin notes. So, if you follow these 3 things, you will be as good as any star in the music industry and your beat will be a hit.

Source by Navtej Singh Aujla