Can’t I Just Pop This Zit?

OK, I know your mother has told you not to do it. But anyone who has ever had a professional facial knows the pros do it all the time. So, this is HOW to do it as safely as possible.

Keep in mind these instructions are for that occasional pimple that just pops up on you. If you constantly have a face full of pimples, you may have a more severe skin condition (like acne rosacea) or a hormone disorder. In this case a trip to the doctor is in order.

First of all, NEVER pick at a pimple. If it doesn’t have a whitehead on it you will do damage to your skin and probably won’t get anything out of it anyway. If you are desperate to get rid of this, see your dermatologist for a cortisone shot. Pricey, but effective and fast.

If on the other hand you have a whitehead, even a small one, you can probably “pop” it safely.

Here’s how–

1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser.

2. Take a very warm washcloth and hold it over the zit for about 60 seconds.

3. Put some astringent (like Sea Breeze) on two cotton balls.

4. Hold the cotton balls over your index fingers. Place your fingers on either side of the pimple and use a gentle rolling motion to squeeze out the pus. This should feel like you are getting under the zit and gently forcing the liquid out the top. (Note: if you are squeezing so hard it hurts the skin around the bump-stop, it’s not ready.)

5. Continue to squeeze until clear water or blood (no pus) comes out.

6. With a fresh cotton ball apply more astringent, then dot on a benzoyl peroxide product (like Clearasil) to prevent infection and speed healing.

Source by Marie Esselstein