Let’s say you have already upgraded your iTunes 10 to the latest version 11, but you found that you are not used to its overhauled interface and some key features, so you’d like to downgrade your iTunes 11 install back to v10.7. This tutorial will tell you how to go back to iTunes 10.7 for Windows in detail.

Step1. Gain the installation file of iTunes version 10. Just search your local hard drive to see if you have version 10 in there somewhere. If you have deleted it, you can go to OldVersion.com or support.apple.com/downloads/#itunes where you can gain the old version.

Step2. Uninstall the iTunes version 11. Head to Start -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs, then click Uninstall iTunes 11.

Step3. Start to install the version 10.7 to your computer. And this process will complete in about 2 minutes.

Step4. Click iTunes 10.7 icon on your desktop to run it, then an error message will pop up and leave you without access to your music library. Just ignore this for now, cause following the next steps you will fix this problem.

Step5. Open C:UserAdministratorMy MusiciTunes. The iTunes folder contains a file named “iTunes Library.itl”. Just delete it. Then open the sub-folder named “previous iTunes libraries”. The latest file in this sub-folder is your library from iTunes 10.7. Just copy it to the iTunes folder and rename it to “iTunes Library.itl”.

Step6. Open up iTunes 10.7. You should now be able to use version 10.7 as before. When the software ask you to update it to version 11, just ignore it.

P.s. Two tips you should know:

The tip1 would be, before uninstalling iTunes 11, you should backup the iTunes media folder if you want to keep your iTunes media (movies & TV-shows, music, audiobooks, and so on). You can use a backup program to back up your computer. The benefit of using such program is that you can return the iTunes folder to previous state by just several clicks. Or you can do a manual backup. The draw of this is that you may lose some library information such as, album artwork, titles, covers, and so on when you import your previously exported files to the re-installed version 10.7.

The tip2 is not to use oldapps.com to gain iTune v10.7.0.21, because it is broken badly. Besides giving you an error message, you will not be able to sync any apps.

Source by Edwin Liu Smith