What makes 360 Hardflip different is that no matter how skillful you are as a skateboarder, a 360 Hardflip is always the most difficult trick to be performed.

So, can you actually master 360 Hardflip? The answer is an absolute YES! and I am going to show you how.

As the name rhymes with its difficulty level, this combo stunt is actually a complex combination of a shuv-it and also a kickflip where the board rotates to a 360 degrees on both x and y axis. In order to prepare for this 360 Hardflip trick, you must also practice to perform an ollie, the main spine for almost all the other tricks, to its perfection. If you are not sure how to Ollie, you can visit my other site where I will give you the complete tips and tricks on how to Ollie.

Now, the first step on how to 360 Hardflip, as mentioned above, is to master the ollie. An Ollie is done by putting your right foot on the tail of the board and your left one to the middle of your skateboard. Jam your back foot down slightly and move your front foot to the upper part of the skateboard as you jump up. Your front foot should slide forward and in the midst of doing that, both of the board’s 4 wheels and the board should be leveled out perfectly before landing on the board and rolling away. Practice it over and over again until you have mastered it before you proceed to the next step.

Secondly, now that you have mastered the ollie, position your foot on the right to the tail of the skateboard then put the left foot more to the left deck of the board at the center of it then position your left foot vertically.

Thirdly, jam down your right foot and raise it towards the front foot like doing an ollie.

Fourthly, pop your left foot forward the left and let your toe flick the deck of the frontal side of your skateboard. Flick this spot to flip the board. As you pop your left foot forward at the same time, you need to pop your right foot off the right deck of the board resulting in spinning and flipping the board. Make sure that you practice step 3 and step 4 for the smooth flow of the trick performance.

Lastly, let the board spin and rotate 360 degrees. When you can see top of the grip tape, make sure that you have jumped high enough to allow the flipping and spinning of the board in between your legs. Firmly catch the board before landing on it with both feet before rolling away.

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Source by Matt Ramon