The American Rapper known as Plies, born Algernod Lanier Washington, is also founder of Big Gates Records. He has been very successful in his career, with each of his albums reaching at least second, if not first, on the US Rap charts. Plies mixtapes played a big role in his noteworthy level of fame, as did the tapes of most other hip hop artists.

Rap mixtapes have been a place for artists to put down freestyle hip hop beats since the ’70’s. They rose to popularity when club- and party-goers were in search of a place to have a copy of their favorite party playlists. The lack of recording technology gave heed to the mixtape revolution, forcing artists to hand-record their tracks and sell them for rather high prices just to achieve recognition and a fan base.

There are many solo Plies mixtapes available on mixtape download websites. These include, but are not limited to: Streetz Iz Talking, The Truth Hurts, and Bottom to the Top. Additionally, there are many Plies mixtapes in which he collaborates with other hip hop artists such as Plies vs. Weezy, a tape in which he and Lil’ Wayne alternate tracks. These tapes keep the fans interested with innovative collaborations, different types of tracks, and random freestyles so they can feel as though they are on a personal level with the artist.

The use of these playlist tapes led Plies to much more success in his career. His first two albums reached #2 on the US, R&B, and Rap charts, while last two albums reached #1 on the Rap charts. Each album produced a number of singles, including the #1 “Shawty” and the #2 “Bust It Baby Pt. 2.”

Plies mixtapes served as a place for him to team up with other hip hop artists to show his fans the extent of the style of his talent. As a result, he became extremely renowned in the rap world, topping charts with singles and studio albums. It seems as though rap mixtapes are here to stay.

Source by Ari Allon