Learning to produce any type of music is going to require a certain amount of knowledge and understanding to fulfill what the listener expects to hear especially when it comes to hip-hop. Hip-hop has been around for many years and started in the US, and currently is all over the worldwide charts. The younger generations have noticed this and an interest in producing hip-hop music has arisen.

The reason why a lot of new music producers choose hip-hop to produce is because it’s what they hear all day everyday, it’s a genre of music that gets listened to by all their friends and company. It’s a culture, they live in it everyday so it’s easier for them to connect with what’s happening within it. Many producers that are not part of this life but are musically talented have crossed over and are now producing great hip-hop music, it all depends on where your heart is but it’s doable.

You need to know about hip-hop, you need to know the history and the other little bits. Hip-hop is so ‘easy’ to make compared to classical music because it can be made almost anywhere with anything. Drum machines where there when hip-hop first began and started the trend, so you can now make a hip-hip track in your bedroom. All you need is a PC and some software and you could be making hot releasable music to the world and many famous producers have done this such as ‘Ryan Leslie’, ‘Swizz beats’, and ‘Timbaland.’

Source by Jefferson Baileyy