Jewish music has gotten an injection of variety during the 50 years and it has come from all types of music currently available, whether it is rock, pop or jazz. Israeli musicians have long been known for their eclectic ability to make slight changes in the music they perform to come up with a completely new and innovative musical sound.

Jewish songs in the 60’s had a very liberal sound to it and very much influenced by the pop and rock explosion coming in from the UK and America and this kept on going through the 70’s with Israeli music groups such as such as the very popular group called Kaveret as they mixed American style pop with the old style Israeli music that was more traditional in nature.

Jewish bands even incorporated music from most of the neighboring middle eastern countries as they also had their very distinct style of oriental music that these crafty Jewish musicians made into their mix of musical sounds. This Middle eastern sounding Israeli music brought a little bit from Yemen (which had a pretty good Jewish Population there already), Moroccan (from the Jewish Moroccan population that came into Israel during the influx) and Greece. Muzika Mizrahit was the Name for this very beautiful new kind of music and the first time I heard it I could have sworn that I was hearing Arabic music much to my surprise and delight. In fact this very popular brand of music is still played today at very popular clubs and night spots around Israel. The influx of immigrants from these countries has brought a little big of their countries music and traditions and has helped both the country itself and its people grow in their own culture.

Source by Bob Randooke