This article will tell you more about hip hop beat makers and what they do, as well as what the best choice is if you are looking to get started creating your own rap beats or music.

When you first start looking for some easy to use, yet great sounding software that will help you to produce beats it can be a long search.

Here are some methods of making beats:

The first method that was available was of course a full recording studio and this is an awesome way to make beats, however you will have to have some knowledge in music production and also a good recording studio can end up costing $5000+!

Luckily there has been some advances in technology and the next method of making beats is on your computer and to do this you need some “Desktop Audio Producers”, there are a few about and the best are Cubase and Fruity Loops.

The way to think of these is like an electronic version of a recording studio, with all of the features that you need accessed digitally through your computer.

Although these programs are very good you need some knowledge in music production and also the price tag is quite steep for these as well.

So this leaves us with quite a lot of people that want to make beats for the first time, but not invest too much time and money in expensive programs.

Let’s say it was not you for you, and then it would be quite a bit outlay in cash to lose!

So if you are just looking for a functional beat maker that will give you an introduction to the world of rap and hip hop beat creation then you should check out a good membership site.

What are the benefits of a good membership site?

Well it allows you to get access to a beat maker first and foremost, as well as that and what I believe to be the best thing is that you will be able to interact and share beats with like-minded people while learning from each other.

One such membership is Sonic Producer and it has a functional beat maker, nothing too complex although later on when you get used to using it there is a full video course that shows you how to get more technical with your beats.

The way of looking at the software is as a good introduction to making beats and all you need to do is put the sounds that you want together and then you can burn them onto CD and take them with you.

A good solution for a beginner and then of course if you like it you can go and get the more technical Cubase or Fruity Loops or even a recording studio!

Good Luck and Enjoy!

Source by Terry Waite