So you are a great rapper and just need some hot hip hop instrumental beats to lay your lyrics over? Are you looking for the type of beats that are radio friendly? Choosing instrumentals can be so easy to do, but there are some things you should know before purchasing a rap beat. Here are some tips to look for when purchasing hip hop instrumental beats.

1. Know what you are spending money for when it comes to the beat. Do you plan to release this song for profit? Or are you just using it for demonstration purposes only? Make sure you let the producer know what your plans are so you’ll know whether to get a non-exclusive license or an exclusive license. If you plan on making a profit off the song you are using the producer’s beat, they usually charge more and make an “exclusive” license or agreement. If you are going that route, make sure you are the only artist that will own that beat. You don’t want to pay for an exclusive license and there are other artists using the same beat. If you are choosing their beat for a free mixtape, or to perform to, or just have fun with…it would be less expensive and also referred to as “non-exclusive” agreement.

2. Are you interested in getting your music heard on radio? If so, then your hip hip instrumental beats should be radio-friendly. You should be able to tell whether or not you can hear that track on the radio. They need to be commercial. Does the beat sound like something you could hear a rapper hear on the radio now? Can you hear a popular artist today rap over it?

Source by Tamara Jones