When you download free hip hop instrumentals online, you may be excited to record your vocals over the instrumental and release the track to the public on a mixtape, album, demo, or DVD.

Before you do this, however, you must know about the restrictions that most producers place on their free beats.

It is typical for a producer to restrict free hip hop instrumental downloads to “personal” use only.

So what does this mean? Personal use typically means that you can download the free hip hop instrumental, make a vocal recording over it and use it for demonstrative or fun uses only. This could mean putting it on your myspace page to show off your work, putting it on a cd for family and friends, or just using it to practice over.

What this usually doesn’t account for is the mass distribution of the beat, whether it be profitable or nonprofitable. If your plans include recording over the beat and distributing the song to thousands of people, then you should most definitely first contact the producer and make sure this is allowed without purchasing a non-exlusive license to the beat. Even if your mass distribution is non-profit, you should first check with the producer before releasing his work to the masses.

So before you make any major moves with this free instrumental, just make sure you have either read over the producer’s policies pertaining to free beats or contacted him/her personally to make sure that you can continue with your distribution.

Just wanted to clear a few things up about downloading free hip hop instrumentals online!

Source by Timothy R Adamek