One of the most popular subcultures of the genre of a hip hop is the art of freestyle battle rapping. Over the years, many of the most famous rappers and this art form have went on to form very successful careers in the music recording industry. Without battling being the catalyst for their fame and fan base, it is highly unlikely that they would have otherwise received this amount of success. Many fans of these rappers, and other famous rappers alike, are incredibly interested in hearing the details of alleged freestyle battles that have gone down between them and others in the past. Some of these alleged clashes of lyrical wits have gone on to become part of rap legend, with very few people knowing the exact details of what went on, other than the two rappers involved personally.

Although many of these alleged rap battles have become very famous over the years, none of them are quite as talked about as the alleged match between hip hop icon Eminem and underground freestyle battle rapping legend Eyedea. Fans in rap circles all around the world have constantly been chattering about this alleged battle for years on end, but have never come to a definitive conclusion or answer.

General consensus states that this match has never happened and it would have been impossible for these two to meet under any circumstances whatsoever. This is supported by the geographical locations of each wrapper being so far away from one another. It is noted that while both of these emcees used to be frequent regulars on the battle circuit, they never went up in the same event as each other officially or unofficially, making it extremely unlikely that they had a private battle one on one.

Another reason pointing to the unlikelihood of this match occurring, is the fact that no witnesses have ever stepped forward to testify to the match ever going down. Furthermore, neither Eminem nor Eyedea have ever stated that this match happened, making the possibility of its occurrence extremely unlikely.

But on the contrary to the aforementioned points, which are fairly valid, there is one person who claims to have the footage on film. Phillip Drummond, one of the pioneers in freestyle battle footage, has seen thousands of classic battles appear live, in front of him. Responsible for throwing the incredibly successful Mind Games 2 battle, he is one of the most legendary persons involved in rap battling today. And he himself claims that he is the sole person who has this footage. Unfortunately when asked by many fans to view it, he turns them down immediately, sometimes in violent fashion, leaving battle fans shocked and in the dark as to whether or not the battle actually took place.

So in conclusion, at this point in time there is no specific evidence which links these 2 lyrical warriors together officially. But until Phillip Drummond is proven a liar about his footage, the mystery will certainly live on to fight another day.

Source by Frasier Brenton