If you ask any honest musician, they will tell you that the hardest thing to locate and keep is a good drummer, but why bother when you could get a beat maker?

Advances in modern technology have taken their own route to resolving the need for such an individual to the average solo musician or hip-hop artist. With a good beat maker, you can make studio and home recording a snap without the hassle of another “musician’s schedule.”

A beat maker is as simple as it sounds. Software that will literally provide an array of various beats and loops catered to song type, tempo, and key.

In most cases with most of the popular beat makers on the market, the process is completely customizable from the selection of snare hits to intricate high hat runs to rival your favorite drummers. Often the type of drum, as well as the kit in which it came from, so you can choose your favorite brands to emulate your favorites, categorizes these.

For popular models like Fruity Loops allow for complete electronic drums when you access the library of real drum sounds for use in your beats. This assists in providing the illusion that someone on a real set laid down a real beat in your studio, not that you were sitting by your monitor clicking a mouse.

The truth is, most major labels in the hip-hop genre or any other will typically hire someone to come play a real drum kit and modify the sound to their liking for tracks. A beat maker will give you an equal advantage if you take the time to appreciate all that one can do.

For the aspiring producer, especially rappers and hopeful hip-hop producers, a program to make beats as well as sampling sounds (a common feature to most beat makers) should suffice to compete with the market for new fresh beats. Good luck.

Source by Cesar Calnan