Are you working on a hip hop project but you seem to be stuck with the same old beats? Beats 365 is the solution that you are looking for. This website is expanding to a hundred thousand beats so you will never have to limit your creativity ever again.

From hip hop beats to rap beats to rap instrumentals and hip hop instrumentals, Beats 365 is the place for aspiring and professional beat makers who want to express themselves through the sound of their beats. Having access to this large website of beats enables beat makers to listen to and download virtually unlimited numbers of beats. You can also get your hands on custom made and royalty-free beats, plus bonus updates and about 10 gigabytes of sounds, samples, sound effects, a cappella tracks, instruments, and many others. You will also have direct access to major hip hop and R&B labels.

The number of sounds and samples that this database offers is dizzying but you need not be confused because all of them have been classified into thirty-nine different genres and styles. These include East Coast, West Coast, Mid West, Dirty South, A-Town Stompers, California Love, Hip Hop, Hard Core, Reggae Ton, R&B, Chopped and Screwed, Club Bangas, and lots more.

More than just a database of sounds, it also allows you to record your audio live while you pick and choose from many different beats. At the same time, you will also be able to market your music to record labels and distributors, as well as add license to your individual tracks.

If you are in need of beats, you need not worry yourself too much. You can simply download Beats 365 rap maker program and have access to a database full of hundreds of high quality beats. The best part is, you need not pay any “per track” fee.

Source by Kelly Foxx