Beastie Boys is the one rap/hip hop group that even heavy metal rockers respects.

The hatred of rock towards hip hop really started when the music started getting muddled up with all these posturing of wealth and their own interpretation of coolness. Women in their bikinis grinding and implying faces of sexual gratification started becoming a necessity in their MTVs. Not to mention the unreasonably large “bling blings”, limousine, and near knees waistlines of their pants. Rock started viewing hiphop as an image without the backbone of music. Not that rock didn’t use image to get noticed. Heaven knows how big rock is on image but they always make sure that it is backed up with the greatness of their music and that the only thing they will ever “disrespect” is themselves. They really leave women out of it.

These things rock loath about hiphop is something you can’t say about Beastie Boys. They are as pure as pure could be in terms of music.

They are the first group to release their songs online which is now recognized as the first successful move of any artist to bring some of the power and control back to the musician and away from the label. Since their MP3 release, more and more artists realized and used online to launch and sustain their career.

They got involved in some violence in the early stage of their career but it has never dwarfed the power and greatness of their music. If you listen to their songs, it actually has meaning. They are saying something unlike many of the hip hop songs nowadays that only talks about the getting the girl, having sex, getting two girls, having sex on your birthday. Fight for Your Right (To Party) was their protest against the ridiculous trend of hair metal. No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn is an ode to the working class.

Last year, 2009, they announced that they would lie low because Adam Yauch needs to get a cancerous tumor in his parotid gland and a lymph node. All is well now and they recently performed in several talks shows and I can’t help but see how they haven’t changed. What made them great is still there. They didn’t have blings, their pants were normal, they didn’t have large tattoos that would put the Berlin Wall to shame. They were just three guys rapping their hearts out. Yet, look at what they have achieved.

They have four albums that entered the Billboard Charts, one of their songs is one of the greatest songs of all times, they are one of the greatest artists of all time, they inspired an ordinance in Georgia, and no other rap or hip hop artist can ever stand in their presence without knowing in their soul that they wouldn’t be where they are if it wasn’t for the Beastie Boys.

Source by Abel Alexander