Albania is a large country which can be found in South Eastern Europe and shares a border with Greece. This great country currently has no gay bars or clubs. The large city, Tirana, which is the capital, is the place to go to find some great bars, clubs and events. There are a large range of bars and clubs here and most of them are gay friendly so you can expect to have a rocking night out here in Albania.

Although there are no gay venues, there are still a number of places you can go here in order to have a great time with your friends. Tirana is a large city and is full to the brim with great bars and clubs. Canon is a great rock bar and offers a comfortable surrounding with a great décor. This bar is always packed with indie-rock lovers and is the ideal place to go to meet someone.

Also in Tirana, although not an Albania gay club or Albania gay bar, there is a place called Infinity which is an amazing piano bar which is great for a quiet drink, they also occasionally have live music here but the atmosphere is good and you can relax here for quite a while. Another great bar in Tirana is the Irish Bar which offers a great atmosphere with large TV screens and you are also able to take advantage of the outside area which is ideal for meeting people or just have a nice relaxed drink.

Source by Mirna Khoury