Requesting a custom beat is the ultimate collaboration with a producer. Having a producer to make beats according to your preferences gives you the opportunity to create your own style or if you already have your own style this type of collaboration helps you to exploit your style the way you want to.

You don’t have to listen to hundreds of beats to find one that matches your style because now you don’t have to match your lyrics to the beats; you match the beats to your lyrics.

Things you got to consider when requesting a custom beat:

  • Listen to the beats and try to figure what style the producer approaches most. They might have a wide range of styles or they’re specialized in a certain style.
  • Contact the producer and give him a short brief about yourself. Give him your website address, let him listen to your songs, let him know your style.
  • Tell him your preferences, the way you want the beat to sound. Give him some referring songs, songs belonging to other hip hop artists.
  • Work with him on your beat, step by step. Request changes until you’re satisfied with the final product.
  • After you record your vocals send him a copy so he can add the finishing touches (effects, beat drops etc).

If the producer has a “Featured Artists” page on his website listen to the artists he’s collaborating with, artists that have purchased beats.

Visit the artists websites and see how they’re getting bigger day by day, you can see the point they have reached to, mixtapes, albums, shows, videos, if they did.

Source by Voinila Alexandru