You can use Best Free Video Editing Software available online to create, edit, add effects, and improve quality of your official and unofficial videos. Mostly, full licensed software is costly and does not provide such a good service as well. So, it would be better to use the Free Video Editors available free online.

1. Windows Movie Maker 2.1: WMM 2.1 is the Best Free Video Editing software that is used for making, modifying, and sharing all type of movies, albums, etc. You can drag & drop the clips and compose your movie, and then can be shared using a DVD/VCD, Email via Web, Video tapes for viewing on Cam or TV or by other means. WMM can work on all OS from Win XP running on 600 MHz Processor or more

2. iMovie 4: You can make real life videos, edit, improve its quality and share it with your friends on a VCD/DVD. You can run through the clips and albums on iTunes and use them on iMovies. Compose your pictures album by taking pictures. You can do editing, drag & drop clips, browse videos, and add title, effects and transitions, all in a single area.

3. Portable Movie Maker: Making effect changes to saved clips, composing them to make movies is made easy by PMM. It has got neat UI, technical options, and making movies is little complex. The 2 tabs, Collections tab is for managing videos that are being currently used and Task tab has got options for capturing, editing videos, applying transitions and timeline effects to them and saving to several formats.

4. vReveal: Video Editing tool is one among the easy to use tools present on vReveal that can be used to enhance video qualities. You upload (thumbnail) videos from folders; fine tune them to improve the quality with various options available. The left side window previews original video and the right side window previews quality change effected video, enabling you to compare.

5. YouTube Movie Maker: You can make, edit text/pictures/videos by doing special effects and transitions, save to various formats, share and manage in your YouTube account. You can add music and sound effects, titles, texts, subtitles, and crop, cut/split, zoom, trim, and make HD videos.

Source by Munish Chopra