Music and fame that’s the end result of almost every artist but you can’t get there without the proper promotion of your music. So here are 10 websites that you can use to promote your music. Money and fame go together better than most musicians know.

1. The forums of the most popular site for unsigned artists out there:, and the forums are just as active as the website itself! Get your songs reviewed in the ‘critics corner’, join in ‘general music discussions’, get tips for promoting your music and how to create a solid base in the ‘music biz’, get tips on song writing, find a graphic designer for your next project in the ‘graphics corner’ and more!

2. with over 40,000 members in all and 15,000 unregistered visitors daily, this is without a doubt one of the best music forums online.

3. Another great music forum for listeners and artists alike.

4. A music website with tons of great discussions about a wide range of instruments, recording equipment, recording techniques, singing, song writing and more.

5. Yet another music forum with tons of topics to discuss in and find answers to your questions.

6. A music forum especially for all the country artists and musicians out there.

7. The ‘CM’ stands for ‘Christian Music’; this is a forum especially for all the Christian artists and musicians out there, no matter what genre.

8. A music website especially for all the electro, trance and house music artists.

9. A music forum especially for all the rap and hip hop artists and producers, not only dealing with production, recording and song writing tips and techniques, but also with the entire hip hop life style.

10. One of the only English music forums especially for Japanese pop artists.

Source by Percy Kieth