The most desirable thing for the new internet marketer is the fast cash. The fast cash will encourage you to continue the business you have started. Many people are discouraged after they spend few months without any results and eventually they quit this business. Fast cash however is not so easy to achieve. If you start immediately with PPC advertising campaign, you can make some fast money, you may also lose money. Even if you make profit, in order to make that profit, you have to invest some money. That’s why I do not include the PPC Ad campaign in the ways of making fast money. There is another way and maybe the only way that can give you fast results and it is absolutely free.

Making money with your Friends, Family and Colleagues.

As soon as you find your product and are ready to start promoting it, the first thing you have to do is to inform your closest people. Starting with your family, inform them what you are doing and give them the full information about your product. Tell them what the benefits of having this product are and offer them a bonus or discount or anything else to give them an incentive to buy it. You can be sure that there will be a response and you will get support from them.

Second thing to do, is to promote your product within your friends.

Start with the closest friends, those that you see every day or at least few times a week. Some of them will definitely buy your product and they will start talking about it to their friends and so on. Remember the Mouth To Mouth advertising is the most powerful way of advertising. Then you can move on and promote it in the gym you are member, in the coffee shop you go, in the barber shop or hair saloon, in the library and generally anywhere you go and have some influence to the people there.

Promoting the product to your colleagues.

Again tell them absolutely everything about it, benefits, bonuses that they get, if you can make them some discount. Especially if you are working in a big company with many employees, you can have very good results.

The above mentioned are the three most popular ways to make some fast cash and the most important they work and are totally free. However please pay attention to the following 2 tips I have for you. They are extremely important because if you don’t follow them the results may be disastrous.

First of all, the product you choose to promote MUST be of TOP quality and make 100% sure that your customers will be satisfied. If you are promoting someone else’s product for commission, it is better to buy it for you first and check if it actually works. You don’t want to sell product that will leave your friends and relatives unsatisfied. If you do so, instead of advertising your product, they will be talking against it.

The second tip is very important as well. You know these days many people are jealous and they don’t like to see other people succeed. This even happens with people within the same family. So here you have two options in order to avoid jealousy. You will choose alone which one to take. First instead of telling the people that you are selling the product for profit, you can promote it by just telling them that you have bought that specific product and you are very satisfied and if they want it, show them the way to get it. And the second way is the one I have described above. So it is up to you which one to take.

Remember doing all this will bring you fast results and if you want to learn more join my Private Society and get the best online marketing education.

Source by Sofia Anastasiou