In the large world of Internet Marketing you need a coach, a mentor, or just a plain insight on whats going on because Internet marketing changes at the drop of a hat. In this article we are going to go over what Affiliate Marketing really is, and what qualities are in a good place to learn Affiliate Marketing. We are going to wrap this up with what we found to be the best place to learn Affiliate Marketing, reasons why people fail at it, and the benefits of the company we rank number one in the Internet Marketing field.

To start if you are just getting into Affiliate Marketing you may want to know just what you are getting yourself into. This is a very simple process in which you are what is referred to as an Affiliate. The person or persons you are advertising for are the Merchants. You will advertise on the internet via Article Marketing, Pay Per Click, Forum Marketing, or other ways there are actually many more. You drive people to the website of the merchant the customer makes a purchase on the website you drove them to, you make a commission. That is simple right, only if you have good guidance.

What are the qualities of a good place to learn Affiliate Marketing? Well let me tell you there are thousands if not millions of places you can learn Affiliate Marketing though there are a multitude of websites that just look for your money, drop you like a fly, then you learn on your own. How about a website that has free tools offered that can help you build your business. On top of these tools an Affiliate Marketing school that also offers you consistent upgrades to the newest way of advertising through tutorials or other affiliates just sharing their knowledge. Last an Affiliate Marketing school that awards their Affiliates in their forums for helping the little guy or newbie to get to the place that they are making money on their own. Is there an Affiliate marketing school like this on the internet, please read on.

There is a website that I have found that has all these qualities plus much more you can check out this website which is Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate has all of these qualities which are mentioned above and that is why it is the number one ranked Affiliate Marketing school on the internet today.

Why do you need all of this to survive as an Internet Marketer? For the simple reason that you do not fail like the proven 97% of Internet Marketers do. Yes 97% sounds like a hard business to get into right? It actually is not, if you have the right training Internet Marketing is so easy if you do not know how to turn on your computer the right teachers can teach you how to make your money into a cash machine. Another reason people fail is that they get lead in the wrong direction and they spend more that they take in. This would be due to the get rich quick schemes you see or make a million overnight. If you think you are going to get rich in one day on the internet then quit now because it will not happen, save your money.

Source by Jayme Kennerknecht