Vollara, is a new company name in the network marketing industry.

Now I said name, not new company since Vollara is the re-branding of an older company called EcoQuest, and that is fact was the network marketing arm of a 80 year old company called Electrolux which was re-branded in 2003 to a company called Aerus Holdings LLC.

Whew! I need a score card here just to track all the players!

Well let’s start with a little history and I think that will simplify things.

Once upon a time there was a company called Electrolux which was started in 1924 and became a leader in the floorcare and home health products market for over 85 years.

Then around 1998 Joseph P. Urso, who headed a corporate buyout company called Engles Urso Follmer Capital Corp, bought Electrolux from the Sara Lee Corp after they suffered a huge setback trying to expand from the vacuum cleaner market into home air and water systems.

Urso then renamed Electrolux as Aerus Holdings LLC in 2003 and then in March 2009 he bought EcoQuest International, a MLM that was already marketing air and water purification products, energy management systems, and nutritional supplements and renamed them as Vollara.

I think it’s very interesting how many traditional business moguls are trying to invade the MLM industry. Could it be that they have finally woken up and realized what a great business model it is? Could it be?

OK so we know Joseph P. Urso likes to change company names. So what do we know about Vollara and what it’s doing today?

Vollara products cover the following areas.

1. Weight loss

2. Wellness

3. Environmental purity

Vollara has a pretty extensive nutritional and weight loss line with some very interesting name branding which includes their version of a superjuice based obviously on the popular supplement resveratrol, that includes Muscadine, Syrah and Cabernet grape juices.

Cabernet? Wow! I wonder if anybody every tried to network market wine?

Then there are the big ticket items in their environmental line such as air and water filters. This line also includes a very interesting product called “LaundryPure” which fits on top of your washing machine and eliminates the need to use laundry detergent. Shades of the MLM “Laundry Ball” product (that was probably before your time)?

This is a very innovative product and according to their website it uses cold water infused with oxygen, peroxides, and other gases to bubble and lift dirt and grime from cloth fibers and sells for $799.

Vollara also has of course the big ticket water purifier called “LivingWater” for $1999.

The Vollara MLM compensation plan is a Hybird Binary similar to the one used by MLM industry giant MonaVie, where, where you get paid once set of MLM commissions based on the binary structure and one set of commissions based on a unilevel MLM structure.

There are actually 9 different compensation programs but the highlights are:

1. Retail Sales Profit

2. Fast Start Bonus of 10% – 20% on new distributor signups

3. Binary Team Bonuses based on 10% of the lesser leg (with payment limitations)

4. Executive Matching Bonuses – this is the unilevel part where you get to earn a matching percentage of earnings of your downline executives if they are in your personal sponsor tree subject to how much is in the bonus pool.

5. Global Bonus Pool – This is a nice touch where top leaders can earn a piece of total company profits. This makes you love everyone not just your own downline.

6. Multiple Business Centers – Once you reach the top levels Vollara allows you to start 3 more binary positions beneath you and build them out. This is true double dipping on the comp plan.

Vollara is in a very specific niche market of the MLM industry and there are of course several other companies who have similar product offerings but then of course they would be pretty hard pressed to come up with a company pedigree like Electrolux, but I guess in the long run you have to ask yourself if having that history behind you is going to be a key factor in your success.

Vollara looks to be a sold bet if you like this kind of product, but keep in mind that success is not so much in the company as it is in the marketing.

In the world of MLM success, learning how to set up an effective business plan and then employ different marketing channels to bring the leads to your business, is the one key factor that a MLM distributor must master if they are to achieve success in the world of MLM.

Source by Marc Barrett