The sales letter is alive and well. The sales letter is dead.

Which statement best describes your view? If you are still using plain text to monetize traffic, then most likely you are contemplating the sales letter is chronically ill. If you are utilizing compact video strategies (video isotopes) to deploy your sales and marketing efforts, then most likely you are deciding between foie gras or lobster with your filet mignon.

The sales letter is alive and well. It is however functioning in a new capacity, the sales manager. The traditional sales copy (now sales manager) trains the video sales representatives what to say, when to say it and how to say it. The new leather on the street is the video sales letter, a sales force deployed via video.

Simply stated, the video selling letter is the traditional sales letter delivered to the potential client as an engaging conversation. Web video, more specifically video promotion letters require specific elements based on the type of traffic or viewers engaged. Types of traffic, organized by source require separate optimization schemes. For example

Web 2.0

Organic search

Pay per click



Link referred

Take Web 2.0 for example. Marketing in this traffic space, the video salesletter is a socially optimized selling maching. To function effectively with Web 2.0 traffic (viewers), the video selling letter production requires elements from advanced internet applications and social communications. Companies and individual entrepreneurs are utilizing web video isotopes (series of compact videos) to deliver branding and selling messages into Web 2.0.

Web 2.0 interaction (social conversations) is a vast opportunity (high traffic source-member oriented) for internet marketing professionals to utilize traffic (build brand identity), identify new prospects (list building), gain clients (monetize traffic), engage new markets (expand reach) and deepen brand penetration.

Sound familiar?

The marketing and selling goals have not changed, it is still a numbers game. The more contacts made equals more opportunities to showcase, inform and sell products and services i.e. make money. Web 2.0 is colonizing at an enormous pace, the huge numbers needed for favorable conversions. The traditional sales letter, reborn as a series of short video conversations (video isotopes), delivered into Web 2.0 is social optimization. Just as websites need search engine optimization, web video and more importantly video sales letters require social optimization to attract viewers. Optimizing your sales copy for video sales letter production follows the laws of nature, form follows function. The laws of the internet or currently how the internet handles video productions is set in writing at each Web 2.0 site where traffic congregates.

For example:

File sizes are limited in most cases to 100 megabytes. Selected sites offer stand alone ftp programs for video files in excess of 150-200 megabytes. Sites also state the accepted file types i.e. avi, mov, swf, flv, mpg and wmv. Your video also needs a persuasive title, keyword tags, and you cannot violate the terms of use.

Your video must abide by the Web 2.0 site function, i.e. form follows function. A well produced video, just as a well written sales and promotional letter, will produce favorable sales conversions, increase traffic and extend brand penetration.

Take advantage of the huge traffic opportunities Web 2.0 offers and optimize your video sales letter and web video with web video elements.

Source by Paul D Richardson