The power of network marketing is duplication. It is the most fundamental part to network marketing yet so few people ever achieve true duplication. Maybe you are one of those frustrated MLM’ers who built a small group but just can’t seem to get it to grow anymore?

We’ve all heard it… recruit one a month for 12 months and teach them to do the same thing and you will have over 4000 people after one year.

Simple, huh?

Then why aren’t more organizations duplicating?

Maybe you’ve run into this problem. You grew real fast at first but now you can’t seem to grow anymore. You are left scratching your head… where is the duplication?

Well, here are some very important tips to increase duplication in your downline:

1. Plug them into a proven marketing system. Remember, people are NOT duplicable but marketing systems are. With the dawn of the internet there is no reason why organizations should not be using its power to increase exposure and duplication. Find a company with a good marketing system.

2. Give your downline more options for recruiting. How can you expect them to get their “one a month” if they don’t know how to find more prospects? Don’t just teach one marketing tactic. Give your people multiple marketing tactics. Let them choose what suits them best.

3. Keep it simple. What is the ONE objective that you are teaching your downline? Is it get someone to their website? Watch a DVD? Get to a meeting? Whatever it is… be very clear on what their objective is when they are prospecting. Confusion leads to paralysis. Keep it simple and clear.

If you follow these 3 simple steps you will have no trouble duplicating.

Source by Dave Vass