A VPS Hosting plan includes the best parts of shared hosting and dedicated hosting merged into a single package. The affordability of a shared server hosting and the flexibility of a dedicated server hosting adds life to VPS hosting. The Virtual Private Servers are capable of delivering the best in the industry solutions for the clients by hosting their websites in the safest environment devoid of any threat.

Within an SEO Hosting package, there are so many classifications as per the servers and type of C Class IPs used in them. But VPS hosting is very unique among all of them, as it offers a world of opportunities with a comparatively lower expense.

There are 3 types of SEO hosting servers, according to which the hosting plans are crafted and offered to the clients. The best among them is VPS hosting plan which is convenient for the clients at any point of time to manage maintain and host their websites in business.

1. A virtual private server is a virtual server, sharing the same physical server with various other VPS. But none of them interfere with each other at any point of time, even though they share common system resources in parallel.

2. The speed and bandwidth is always higher due to the parallel sharing option between them, it’s a great way of energy conservation as all the VPS run on the a single physical server that solely consumes power.

3. In a VPS hosting plan the client is entitled to receive, multiple Class C IPs from different C Class ranges, bandwidth in synch with the numbers of IPs, disk space and CPU with the memory allotted etc.

4. The client can install his desired operating systems as well as software applications over his VPS hosting system without any trouble. Individual VPS is capable of running on its own and completely isolated from the other system on the same physical server.

5. The plan costs bit higher than a shared server, but at the same time offers services of dedicated servers. Multiple domains, add-on domains, PHP and MySQL databases along with intalltron and various free website development tools are included in the VPS hosting package.

6. WHM control panels are provided to the clients so that they can keep a tab on their multiple accounts within a single login account.

7. Websites run very fast and never get crashed due to any uneventful incident, because the servers are protected at the data centers with utmost security and an uninterrupted supply of power keeps it running in a 24 x 7 environment.

8. Customer support system is very efficient with round clock service that caters to all the critical as well as common issues of the clients regarding VPS hosting.

Money back guarantee of 30 days is available to retain trust of clients, so they can get full refund if not satisfied with VPS hosting within 30 days time.

Source by Jack Delgado