Your email based marketing efforts are an integral component of your online business. Most online entrepreneurs are familiar with the importance of list building as a means to accelerate the growth of their business. Well when you build a list your intentions should be to form a long term and comfortable relationship with the list members. Your email list, if managed properly can be the source of a significant percentage of your future income. The manner in which you maintain your contact with them is therefore crucial to your success.

Let’s look at 3 important points you will need to keep in mind in order to get the most out the email contacts you make with your list.

Keep Your Message Short

Your contacts with your email list should be relatively brief messages stating your purpose and of course always being friendly and helpful. It is always important to remember that one of the main intentions of your correspondences is to develop a relationship with the recipients. Equally important however is that you do not want to ramble with no clear intentions. Remember that these people ‘invited’ you into their homes by subscribing to your list so do not abuse the privilege by wasting their time.

Make Regular Contact

Maintain a consistency in the frequency of your email contacts with your list members. Establish some kind of ‘pattern’ right away and also state clearly to them at the end of each email when they can expect to hear from you again. Now you do not need to give them specific dates however letting them know you will be in touch within the ‘next few days’ or ‘next week’ is sufficient. Just be sure your actions are consistent with what you tell them and do follow up so they will view you as reliable.

Have Only One Objective

When you do make contact always have only one objective in mind and be clear to your recipient about what it is. By trying to cover more then more topic in an email you will distract your readers who will then lose their focus. The result will be your point was not received therefore your objective was not successful. Even worse then this could be that your email recipient finds the messages too confusing and pointless therefore they unsubscribe from your list.

Email based marketing is a significant component of any online business. Rarely, as most online entrepreneurs will attest to, does your first contact with anyone result in a sale. Therefore it is important to build a list of people who have shown an interest in what you promote and have visited your site in the past. Your list building efforts can now supply you with email contacts that you can continue to promote to well into the future. The key is how you manage your email list and the 3 points we covered above are a guide as to how best to do so. By sending clear, concise, and useful messages on a regular basis you should be able to position yourself for a long and profitable relationship with your list members.

Source by TJ Philpott