It seems almost every day new internet marketing guru’s are showing up all over the internet. While learning to market online is an admirable thing for an MLM Distributor to do one of the biggest problems that arises is that people who are attempting to market their MLM believe they can use many of the internet marketing guru techniques to promote their MLM. This article is being written to encourage those attempting to use main stream internet marketing techniques to promote their MLM a fighting chance by understanding the Three p’s of MLM Marketing.

The first P in relation to MLM Marketing means “Prospects”, internet marketing generates leads that may ultimately turn into one time sales but with MLM Marketing we are looking for prospects we can share our opportunity with. Our first goal in MLM Marketing is to generate as many prospects as we can.

The second P means “Profits”. When marketing an MLM or in Business Opportunity Marketing general., there are free methods and methods that will cost money. With internet marketing however you have the ability of generating immediate sales to replenish your advertising budget when you spend money on promoting your products. In most cases you will NOT get a return on investment UNLESS you utilize what is called a “funded Proposal”. This is a method of marketing a tool, resource, report or ebook that puts a little cash in your pocket when people purchase it while simultaneously creating a proven list of targeted buyers you can promote your MLM Opportunity to. Without generating profits when you promote your MLM you will ultimately deplete your resources and have to resort solely to free promotional resources.

The third and final P stands for “Personal Sign Ups”. Your ultimate goal when doing any Business Opportunity Marketing is to get sign ups in your MLM Opportunity. Marketing does NOT end after you generate a prospect. It includes the act of following up with your prospects, presenting your opportunity to the prospects and ultimately convincing those prospects to not only join your MLM but to join with YOU as opposed to someone else in the same company. This type of marketing is a lot more intricate than basic internet marketing although many of the principles of internet marketing can be used to assist you IF you understand the three P’s of MLM or Business Opportunity Marketing. If you are diligent in implementing the 3 P’s you will have the foundation towards achieving success no matter what MLM or business opportunity you are promoting.

Source by Owen Brown