This article will explain the basics of how to use the Terapeak free eBay product research tool. Also it will give a comparison between the free tool and the the full version.

Ever find it difficult to know exactly what to sell on eBay? Or know whether or not it will be competitive in that market? Now there is a tool that you can do your basic research for buying and selling on eBay, this tool is Terapeak.

To use the tool simply go to Terapeak’s home page and click on free tools. You are taken to a page that has a text field for Product keyword and a field for your e-mail address. Ignore the field for the e-mail address and put in a keyword phrase. Once a keyword phrase has been put in the following information will break down the results.

This is the information you will get in a basic search report.

  1. You can find out what the average starting price is for your product so you don’t have your product higher then everybody else’s.
  2. You can research the average end price for a product to see what kind of profit that specific product can give you.
  3. Research can be done on a 7, 30 and 90 day range give you a better representation of the history of the product.
  4. The tool will give the amount of total listings with a percentage for the sell through rate meaning out of the total lising in a given amount of time how many of them sold. This tells you if the product can sell well or not.
  5. The tool will let you know what day, time of the day, and keyword phrases that produced the best results for the product listing.
  6. The tool will let you know what type of promotional listing to use for example using bold, highlighting or both.
  7. It will let you know if it is best to list the item for 1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 days
  8. Finally the tool will let you know if a bid, buy it now, or store items is best to post.

Now this is the free Terapeak research tool, the full version comes will much, much more then that. Below are a couple of tool you get will the full version over the free version.

  1. You can do a search for the top sellers
  2. You can look at selling trends over a long period of time to really see what products are selling on eBay and what are not.
  3. You can research what categories are selling the most
  4. You get a product heat map which help you the hottest categories to sell by bids, total sales, bids per list and much more.
  5. Product hot list, you can find out who are the movers and shakers for DVD’s, CD’s, Video games and books
  6. You can save your search for easy reference later.
  7. You can look at trend specific to a seller
  8. You can research specific DVD’s, CD’s, Video game and books by their UPC

These are just a few of the comparisons between the free tool and the full version for Terapeak.

Source by Kirk Jensen