Squidoo is pretty similar to MySpace where people can login, create their profile, and start collaborating with others who share similar interests. Marketers are just beginning to realize the huge, untapped potential of Squidoo as an effective tool for promoting, website, products, services, people, and just about anything else.

In fact, from the moment you wish to join Squidoo, you can begin using it as a fantastic online marketing weapon. You are given the option to create a bio or a profile about yourself, and you must not lose this opportunity to put your best marketing e-step forward in this space.

In addition, consider using the other areas of Squidoo to promote your product or service like –

– Bugs and Feedback

– Day Lens Blog

– Squid Blog, etc

In fact, blogging is a reputed and an established medium of online promotion and marketing. At blog rooms you can speak directly to thousands of people from across the world who have the same interests as your target audience. Hopefully, they will also spread the word through more conventional marketing mediums like word-of-mouth, referrals, recommendations, testimonials, etc.

While at Squidoo, don’t forget to use your specific keywords and a link back to the landing page of your site. Not only will this drive targeted traffic to your site it will also improve sales and bottom lines. And remember, too much of a good thing is harmful, so before Squidoo becomes too popular for its won good, make the most of it.

Source by Sean Mize