Before embarking on a journey, we’ll need to make adequate preparations, security checks and one important thing; fuel our vehicle. A vehicle without fuel can’t accomplish the mission (of traveling). As individuals aiming over the top, we have one very important vehicle which we need in driving us to our destination. We need to fuel our brains with knowledge. According to Francis Bacon; “Knowledge is power”. I agree with that statement, but I believe knowledge is more than power. Knowledge is also opportunity.

You must know that;

Knowledge makes us overcome the past

Knowledge changes our own situations

Knowledge helps us fight new obstacles

Knowledge helps us make further decisions

Good knowledge could be transformed into information and information into opportunity. Knowledge is a very valuable asset that can ever be underestimated. It is a way out of ignorance and it is a tool for fighting against our limitations.

Unfortunately, some believe that only a certain amount or kind of knowledge is important, while some are unimportant. Some folks will tell you that all they need to know is what is relevant to their jobs only. But what if they lose that job? “I am finished”, as they’ll exclaim will do them no good. All that might fill their hearts is regrets and worry. An individual who has good insight will se beyond worry and depression. He will know that if something fails to work out for him, he can switch to other options, as a result of his combined knowledge. For instance, I’ll give you an example of a good surgeon/physician. A good surgeon sure must have passed through medical school, having made good grades in his sciences. He/she would have studied the basic medical/ clinical sciences and obtained an M.B.B.S or M.D or MB.ChB degree. To be a successful medical practitioner, he/she ought to know how to deal with patients and people generally. Such individual will also need to have mastered some creative skills like sewing, knitting etc. (for surgery). The good doctor might also need to have good entrepreneurship and management abilities to manage a position or run a clinic/business effectively. So will you tell me that anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and other medical sciences are only what medical students need to know? Certainly not! Adding to our knowledge-base provides us with better opportunities and solutions.

Previously, I explained the importance of gaining insight for success. Before you can understand a concept, you need knowledge which is the first ‘foundation stone’ of any achievement. Even as you’re reading this book, you’re acquiring more knowledge which will be at your benefit if you properly apply them.


Moreover, it’s no news when we hear about people who use family background, societal intolerance, racial prejudice and so on as excuses for their setbacks. They set limits and create roadblocks for themselves. As a result of Self pity, low self-esteem and inferiority complex, they believe they can’t move forward. But we must realize that no matter what comes our way, knowledge is ready to set us free. You might be from a less-privileged race, family, country or whatever. But if you have the knowledge that people need, you’ll become so valuable and relevant. People need solutions to their problems in no time. Your ability to prove to them that your knowledge can respond to their needs makes you a star! Everyone needs a knowledgeable person around not an ignoramus.

In addition, it should be noted that good, useful and relevant knowledge has nothing to do with show-off or pride. A highly knowledgeable person never moves about boastfully trying to oppress and impress people with knowledge. This obnoxious attitude is found among individuals I’ll refer to as ’empty barrels’. They make the loudest noise but have little or nothing to offer. Such ‘crooks’ make life uncomfortable for others and most times mislead them. Achievers never exhibit such overbearing attitude. They know exactly what they talk about and their presence catalyzes our self-confidence.


It is important to know that the human brain acquires everything it encounters. The acquisition of any kind of good knowledge is likely to prepare us better in responding to difficult situations. If we make every attempt to increase our knowledge in other to use it for human good, it will make a difference in us and our world.

Source by Saheed Adebowale Badru