Marketing professionals work in large corporations and small companies and advertising and public relation agencies, government and consulting.

What They Do:

Over the years, global competition has become strong. To compete in a global market, companies invest in their marketing campaigns to ensure that they continue to attract customers. It is the job of the marketing manager to detail the strategy for their companies marketing plan. Team members such as market research managers and product development specialists support the marketing manager. These team members help to calculate the approximate demand for products and services, and the marketing manager develops a strategy to get their share of the market. Marketing managers also observe trends to come up with new products and services.


Those who wish to pursue a career in marketing will need to have at least a bachelor’s degree. Many large firms will even require that employees have a master’s degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing. Your coursework for a marketing degree should cover subjects such as business law, economics, finance, mathematics, and statistics. Classes in marketing methods, advertising, research and strategy will also be touched upon. Other areas of study may include consumer behavior, multinational marketing, sales research, distribution and logistics.


Marketing and promotions jobs are very popular which will lead to stiff competition in the marketplace. Only the most highly educated and qualified marketing graduates with experience will get the most sought after positions. Those seeking to enter this field will need to be very creative and be able to effectively communicate with members of their team. Those who hold a master’s degree or MBA will be in even higher demand. In addition, marketing professionals will need to have excellent computer skills to keep up with sales activities on the Internet. The median expected salary for a typical Marketing Manager in the United States is $79,297.

Source by Mary Hart