Online Network Marketing gurus are teaching everyone how to recruiting big numbers into your business by not having to pick up the phone or chasing anyone.

Although that is true, I am not saying their is anything wrong with sponsoring people on the web into your network marketing business, but you have to do it differently.

The reason you have to do it differently is because you will fail miserably if you only focus on recruiting huge numbers into your business.

Let me share with you what some of the top members of Amway have done in the past. one of the 2 top earners in Amway only sponsored 39 people into his business, 30yrs later there are still 38 of them involved in the business. Each and everyone one of them is qualified and earning a substantial amount of money through residuals, not affiliate product sales.

I share this with you, so you can see that its not about recruiting hundreds of people. Its really about recruiting 30-60 people and then from their developing leaders and training them on the fundamentals of network marketing and how to begin implementing their warm markets.

The majority of you came online looking for a magic pill, possibly a shortcut to network marketing. You stumbled across articles, websites about how much money they are making in MLM through the web, which I have to break it to you its all spoofs.

The money many of the online MLM gurus are making is selling you the magic pill which are courses and seminars, but not the actual information to truly build that residual check.

Yes you may have gone out and really did the 3-ways, warm markets, buy leads etc. But why did you quit? The only reason you failed at it is because you through your hands up and did not want to put the work in.

The reason being is because you were not trained correctly and were not spending enough time on yourself creating the skills to truly succeed in network marketing.

Your whole objective as a networker is to become a sponsor, not a recruiter. The difference is very simple a recruiter is someone that recruits for like the Army. Their entire incentive is to just get you into the Army, he does not care if you succeed or not.

Same goes for MLM, if you are going to be a recruiter, best of luck to you because you will soon find yourself in a recruiting job.

Now if you are going to become a real sponsor, and really build a relationship with your new distributor and help him through the process now that my friends is a sponsor.

Online MLM gurus, only teach you how to recruit, there is not 1 of them that teaches you to pick up the phone and build a real relationship with your new distributor and become the mentor/sponsor they need to succeed.

Source by Matias Leiva