The network marketing industry is no different than any other industry in the sense that only the top 5-10% networkers will have any real success. For example, think about all the people who are professional athletes, musicians or actors. Now think about all the people who succeed in network marketing, it is the same success ratio. Just like all industries, only 5-10% of network marketers will ever have any success. Why do so many people fail or never have real success in network marketing? The answer is practice.

In order to become expert or professional at anything, you have to practice. You must be dedicated and driven to succeed. Most importantly you must never give up or quit. You need to have the right marketing skills, mindset, sales/closing scripts, and to be consistent in taking action everyday. In network marketing you need mental toughness and a desire to succeed. You also need to understand your own knowledge, skills and abilities and how you are going to directly help other people. Most people fail in network marketing because they are not practicing own their skills or improving different ways to grow their business.

Think about it. Lets say Joe wants to play professional football and make millions of dollars. Do you think that Joe is going to have any success if he does not practice his skills. Now way! It is the same with network marketing, you must always be doing something to improve your skills and helping other people. Now, do you think that Joe is going to become an overnight football star? No way! It takes some to build up the necessary skills to become successful in network marketing. The more you dedicate to improving your skills and helping others, the faster you will become successful.

Keep in mind, there is a solution to every problem or obstacle in this business, all you have to do is find the right opportunity and commit. You will find the answers to problems if you ask the right questions.

So, is network marketing a blessing or a curse? Network marketing is an absolute curse if one does not have the motivation and dedication to practice the necessary skills to be successful. So many networkers will bounce from opportunity to opportunity, never having any success. They think that by joining an opportunity, they are automatically going to make lots of money never have to work. Total BS.

However, for those of you willing to put in the time and dedicate yourself to success, your will arrive. And if practice the necessary skills and work on your mindset, network marketing will be an absolute blessing.

Source by Ian Pitchforth