When you have a new business partner come on board, it is your job to manage their expectations. In this article, I am going to talk to you about managing expectations for your network marketing newbies.

It is easy for people to get fired up at opportunity meetings since they are mainly hype and fluff, but what happens when it is time for the rubber to hit the road? This is usually when your new recruit looks in the mirror and says, “Are you really sure you want to do this?” and a lot of times the answer is NO! because they are scared about moving forward.

Talk to Them About the Inner Battle

Before your new team members get out of your reach, you want to make sure they are prepared for the inner battle. You are going to lose most of your new team members instantly because they are not mentally prepared for what is going to come at them.

You need to let them know about negative friends and family. Talk to them about how the people they think are going to join won’t and the ones they won’t expect may. Each of these things could take them out because of the inner battle if you do not get them ready for it.

Let Them Know About the Numbers

You should also let them know about the numbers in the business. When people are new, they may need to ask 10 people to take a look at their opportunity before even 1 person is willing to take a look. As the skills grow, the numbers are going to get better because your skills are going to get better.


The more you manage your new recruits expectations, the more likely you are going to be able to retain them until you are able to help them get results they want to get. Make sure to take out the time to do this.

Source by Jessica Lauren Vine